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Boys Golf
Aspen High School Boys Golf 2014
Team Announcements
Additional Team Functions
Tuesday, August 5 12:30 pm
"Golf Fitness Demo & Evaluation"
Thomas Roneau - Titleist Certified Trained Coach --This is a free activity for players not competing in the 36 hole tryout.
Great opportunity to learn about fitness for golf. Highly recommended for all players.
RSVP will be handled by Jr. Golf and is required. (970) 920-3221. Please call there directly for details.

Wednesday 10 a.m. Aspen Jr. Golf Building
CGA Rules Seminar
Mandatory for all travel players unless exempted by contacting Mary
All team members are encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, August 6 3:00 pm --
Dede Cusimano, LPGA
"How to Practice Your Short Game" -- All Team Members Welcome to Attend -- RSVP to Mary -- Varsity Top 5 Required

Friday 1 p.m. Jack Smalls - "Pre-Shot Routine" -- why process is so important to your game.
This clinic is for Varsity A & Travel Team Players
You will know if this is an appropriate event for you after the two-day tryout.
Uniforms & Equipment
Team Uniforms will be $50 for a hat and a shirt. Payment may be made to Coach Woulfe. Checks should be made out to Mary Woulfe. Hats and shirts are in. There may be some players from last year who did not receive a shirt. These players will be issued two.

Please contact Mary if you are interested in ordering a Team Shoe. Shorts, team bags and rain gear will be issued to traveling players only. Sizes are large so there may not be available rain gear for some of the smaller boys. Old team bags are available to purchase for $20 payable to Coach Woulfe.

USGA approved distance devices are allowed. Players will provide a distance device if they choose to use one.
All equipment including golf balls is the responsibility of the player.
Suggested Equipment List:
1. Clubs/Bag (team bags are only for use during the season and will be issued after the tryout for the top 5 players)
2. Golf Balls, Tees, Glove (only carry the necessary number of golf balls you need + a few extra - they are heavy)
3. Divot Repair Tool & Ball Marks
4. Aiming/Alignment Sticks (see Mary or Dede Cusimano if you wish to buy one)
5. Pencil/Sharpie
6. Umbrella - Rain Gear
7. Golf Shoes or appropriate Athletic Shoes - no metal spikes
8. Shorts for Golf - No Specific Color Required (Team Uniform Colors Used include: Red, White, Black & Gray)
9. Belt - Shirts must be tucked in and pants belted, hats worn in the forward traditional manner
10. Shirt w/ Collar for Practice (no t-shirts at golf facility allowed)
11. Small Notebook for Swing Thoughts, Course Notes, Distances, etc.
12. Personal USGA Approved Distance Measuring Device -
13. Current USGA Rules Book

You may not use a device which has slope or information other than distance (see USGA Rules Book for specifics. Not all courses use the Laser Shooting System on the Flagsticks) Cell Phones are not allowed in competitive USGA events. If you are unsure, please contact Mary or Max before purchasing one.

Forms Reminder
Monday, August 4 is the 1st day of Tryouts for Varsity Top 5
Varsity B and JV players interested in the "Fun" event may check-in at 4 p.m. on Monday for the 9-hole stableford event. If speed of play is not an issue, we will play again on Tuesday afternoon for a combined 18 hole score. All freshmen will be included in this event and play will be from the white tees for Freshmen.
Physical Forms must be on file with Coach Woulfe before you participate.
Physical Forms and Permission Forms may be turned into Mary beginning at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Players with current physicals on file include:
Ty Yocum, Charlie Guilander, Will Hazen
If you dropped your physical/permission forms at the High School and you are not on the above list or feel this is in error, please contact Mark Grice to obtain a copy for me to approve play. This is a state regulation and NON-NEGOTIABLE! These names are as of 4 p.m. Friday afternoon.
2014 Fall Tryout Information
Varsity Top 5 Tryout - to request a spot at the top five tryout please contact Mary
Top 5 Tryout Plan:
Day 1
Check-in & Skills assessment 10 a.m. Aspen GC - Forms Required!
8/4 1st Round beginning at Noon - Blue Tees Aspen GC
Tee Times
12:03 Trey Robinson, Davis Henschel, Lyon Hamill
12:12 Will Hazen, Burke Daily, Hayes Kennedy
12:21 Sydney Slossberg, Edwin Ecclestone, Jeremy Davis
If you are not on this list, it is not purposeful, please call Mary.

Tee Times for Day 2 will be reversed with the best scores from Day 1 teeing off last.
8/5 2nd Round beginning at Noon - Blue Tees Aspen GC
8/5 Rules Clinic (mandatory for all traveling players) Time To Be Determined

Varsity "B" & JV Players
Check-in 4 p.m. Restaurant Deck Area - players are welcome to come out and watch teammates in the stroke play event anytime. Depending on how this goes, we may have another event on Tuesday the same times. Tee times will be assigned based on play the 1st day.
9 Hole Stableford
​4:51 Ethan Locke, Nicholas Slossberg, Liam Rigney, Jackson Ferraro
​5:00 Liam Locke, Charlie Guilander, Henry Ferguson, Miles Mc Connell
5:09 Carter Hall, Jackson Ernst, Ty Yocum, Spencer Shaw

NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Links to forms are posted on this site below.
Physicals are good for 12 months please indicate in an email to Mary if your physical is still on file.

Selection of the top 5 traveling players will be made following tryouts.
We will meet on Wednesday for at minimum 2 hours including a parent meeting for the travel squad and Thursday is usually the first event.

9-Hole Stableford Competition - August 4, 2014 5 p.m.
If you will be in town and are not trying for a top 5 spot but would like to play in this event, please email Mary. All other potential team members with a current physical on file are welcome to play.

JV will begin the week of August 18. See the Google Calendar. If you do not have access, please email Mary to get the information on how to view this. Those players wishing to start a bit earlier may contact Mary Woulfe to see what opportunities may be avaiable. It depends on the resources of our coaching staff and not been determined yet.

Team Results
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Team Tasks
Complete the Achievement Challenge and bring your completed form to the tryout
Discussion Topics
Team Web Pages
Team Schedule
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Team Coaches
+ Pratt, Jim
+ Twarjan, Max
+ Woulfe, Mary
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